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Pet Cancer Treatment - Our Difference

At Arizona Veterinary Oncology, we get asked all the time how we can do such a difficult job day in and day out.

The easy answer is Love.

But what does that even mean? Is it really that simple?
To some people, a pet is just that… a pet. But for many families, they are far more. They are an integral part of the family. They are often on level with a brother, a sister, a child. When a loved one has cancer, every day, every second, every moment is cherished. There are no better families to work with than our patient’s families. The love they express for their pets is unrivaled.

More Good Days
Dog With TreatDog Arriving For Oncology TreatmentThat love for their pets allows us to truly love what we do. Any veterinary oncologist that is any good loves what they do. It is sometimes hard to imagine that we spend more time awake with our colleagues than our own families but that provides the perfect example of how much we enjoy what we do. Oncology can be an incredibly stressful profession. Whenever possible we try to have fun with the patients. We want them to love us. Many of them know where every treat jar in the hospital is located. We try and make it a positive experience every time they come in for treatments and visits. We try and minimize the time they spend in a cage, if at all. Often, our smaller patients spend much of the visit on someone’s lap. Sometimes our appointments take a little longer than they may at other places but this is because we find when we slow down and take our time, they feel more comfortable with us. We want them to enjoy coming here. As strange as that sounds, we hear that compliment a lot!  “My dog likes coming here” or “my dog woke me up on Saturday morning wanting to come in for his next treatment” are examples of the biggest compliments we can receive. Those compliments are a testament to the hard work, dedication and love every member of the staff provides.
Arizona Veterinary Oncology has a partnership with PetCure Oncology. This national group of veterinary radiation oncology centers allows us to provide the best and latest technology for cancer treatment. Varian Medical Systems, the world leader in radiation technology equipment, has and unprecedented partnership with PetCure Oncology and our site to further the treatment of cancer in dogs and cats.
Rudy and Jake Arizona Veterinary Oncology is the largest oncology service in the Southwest. We have two medical oncologists and a radiation oncologist. We have three locations around the Phoenix valley which are in Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Glendale. All three of these facilities share space with many other specialties. Working alongside veterinary surgeons (Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service, and Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine), internal medicine specialists and cardiologists (Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists, and Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine), emergency services (Arizona Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care CenterBluePearl Veterinary Partners, and Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine), dentists (Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists at the Gilbert location), dermatologists (Dermatology For Animals at Gilbert and Scottsdale), radiologists with CT and ultrasound capabilities (Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists), anesthesiologist, and neurologists (Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine), and ophthalmologists (Eye Care For Animals at Gilbert and Scottsdale) allows us to provide the best care for your pet. Cancer often affects the whole body so patients rarely only need an oncologist. By having other specialties in the same building, your pet will need fewer visits and you will often save time and money by having our doctors work together for your pet.

We were chosen by the Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine to be their exclusive oncology partner, inviting us to practice within the beautiful new, nearly 112,000 square foot Companion Animal Clinic. This truly “state-of-the-art” facility boasts some of the finest medical equipment available in veterinary medicine. Our doctors also help to educate veterinary students. The students will perform rotations through all three of our locations and our doctors will provide lectures to the students at the veterinary school.

All radiation treatments are completed at our Gilbert location on our Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator. Chemotherapy and immunotherapy can be done at all three locations.

Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator - Toshiba Aquilion CT Scanner

What Does it Mean to be a Board Certified Veterinarian?

Board-certified veterinary oncologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in animals. Currently, there are less than 400 board-certified medical oncologists and around 100 board-certified radiation oncologists in the United States. In addition to 4 years of veterinary school, they will complete at least 3 years of additional training. This training is completed through highly competitive internships and residencies specific to veterinary oncology. They will undergo extensive training, rigorous testing, and will demonstrate their clinical competency under close supervision from a board-certified veterinary oncologist. Board-certified specialists are referred to as “Diplomates” of their specialty college. Medical oncologists are certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. ( Radiation oncologists are certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology (

If you are looking for the leaders in veterinary oncology in Arizona, you have come to the right place. We look forward to meeting your furry friend and assisting you in finding the best treatment options for your family. Please give us a call to set up your visit today.

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Job Opportunities

Arizona Veterinary Oncology needs to help more cancer patients by hiring a full time Medical Oncologist at our Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine location. More details are available here.

Client Recommendation

Dr. Venable and her staff were mentioned in a local magazine, Troon Living, when a client's dogs were selected as Troon's Pet of the Month

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- Dan C.

I can't recommend Dr. Boshoven and his wonderful staff highly enough. I am extremely grateful for the outstanding care my skittish ten year old cat Sandy received throughout the process of curing his hyperthyroidism via administration of radioactive iodine. Dr. Boshoven's credentials, training, and expertise are impressive. He is a good communicator and he explained Sandy's treatment plan in a clear, concise manner. His veterinary clinic is the only one in the Phoenix area that features a technetium scan which enables Dr. Boshoven to calculate a custom-tailored dosage of I-131 for each patient, ensuring optimal outcomes. I was particularly happy that Dr. Boshoven and his team were able to manage Sandy gently and very well even though he suffers from fear-based aggression related to the significant hardships he'd encountered before I adopted him. Dr. Boshoven's staff, notably Rudy and Allie, reflect the same high level of patience, professionalism, and compassion which he demonstrates. It was difficult for me to be separated from Sandy for five days, but I was comforted by the knowledge that I had left him in very good, kind hands. He came home cheerful and well, not in any way traumatized by his experiences at Arizona Vet Oncology. I am so happy that I can look forward to many more good and happy years with Sandy now that his hyperthyroidism has been cured. Dr. Boshoven and his staff are my heroes!

- Gayle A.

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